It’s been an “exciting” week here in The Delawder Matthews House, some of it being “FUN,” and some of it being “Absolute Hell.” Earlier this week I came home to Brenna’s revolving food bowl being swarmed by minuscule ants, something that has never happened before. Those little pests are hard to get rid of. The big ants can be treated with TERRO, but the little ones are immune for some unapparent reason. Guess who’s not immune to TERRO though? Continue reading

B.O.B. Bob’s Bloody Mary

I was bound and determined to use every last bit of tomato juice that I made, and if that meant making a Bloody Mary for B.O.B. Bob, then so be it. The biggest problem I had making it, was that I couldn’t taste it. I absolutely loathe Bloody Marys, and there was no way that I was going to be a taste-tester, so I decided to just wing it. Continue reading

Tomato Juice Spice Cake

I thought I’d round out the workweek with something sweet, especially after boring you with so many tomato juice recipes throughout the week. Speaking of work, is it wrong to take a cake to your place of business with two pieces missing out of it? If it is, then I did a very, very, very bad thing, and I’m proud to admit it. Continue reading