It’s been an “exciting” week here in The Delawder Matthews House, some of it being “FUN,” and some of it being “Absolute Hell.” Earlier this week I came home to Brenna’s revolving food bowl being swarmed by minuscule ants, something that has never happened before. Those little pests are hard to get rid of. The big ants can be treated with TERRO, but the little ones are immune for some unapparent reason. Guess who’s not immune to TERRO though? Continue reading


Homemade Ice Cream Making Must-Haves and/or Colleen’s Wish List

After making four different varieties of ice cream in one week, I think I have an idea of what ice cream making products are useful in my kitchen, as well as a feel for what items I am still in need of. So if any of you are pondering adding an ice cream machine to your household, my advice is to do it. Do it now! Continue reading


I can admit when I’ve been wrong, and yesterday I was capital W wrong. I absolutely loved Maleficent, which turned out to be such a wonderful movie. I had no idea of what to expect, but it certainly wasn’t a movie where the scenery and characters appeared so rich and beautiful, with a storyline that humanized the traditional storybook villain. Go Disney! Maybe you’re actually making your way back, although I still can’t forgive you for that whole Frozen thing. Continue reading

Addiction Comes in Many Forms

So, have I mention that I’m addicted to scrapbook paper? No? Perhaps that’s because I’m in denial most days. It’s only after a recent trip to my favorite scrapbook store that I’ve come to recognize the extreme evil that lives inside of me, that insists that I need not just one piece of every bright, crazy, and sometimes hideous floral print paper, but two or three pieces. Continue reading