Tomato Juice Spice Cake

I thought I’d round out the workweek with something sweet, especially after boring you with so many tomato juice recipes throughout the week. Speaking of work, is it wrong to take a cake to your place of business with two pieces missing out of it? If it is, then I did a very, very, very bad thing, and I’m proud to admit it. Continue reading


Tomato Juice Cake

So I made tomato juice this week…AGAIN! Thank goodness the garden tomatoes are finally starting to experience a lull, because frankly I’m getting a little sick of dealing with them. I plan on freezing some of the juice in Mason jars for use throughout the winter; it will be nice to have some on hand for making soups and stews when we’re being forced to endure the cold weather that they are predicting. Continue reading

Oreo Rice Krispies Treats

How many times does it take a bag of marshmallows hitting you in the face as you open the pantry door for you to realize that it’s time to make something with them and get them the hell out of the house? In my case the answer is approximately forty-five times. This is the first dessert that I made to take to my new place of employment. Those that I used to work with at my previous job would find this completely unbelievable. Continue reading

The Thursday Thirteen – August 7, 2014

So last week I made Oreo Rice Krispies Treats to take to work in order to get rid of the marshmallows and Oreos that kept falling out of my pantry every time I opened the door. I had to buy a huge box of Rice Krispies in order to make the dessert treats, and now I’m stuck with two-thirds of a box of cereal that I now have to find some use for. So I guess that means that I’ll be making more Rice Krispies Treats. Here are a few unique versions that I’m drooling over. Continue reading