Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck Has Moved

We hope you’ll follow us to our new home at, where we hope to continue the search for creativity while being stalked by a psychotic cat. Continue reading



It’s been an “exciting” week here in The Delawder Matthews House, some of it being “FUN,” and some of it being “Absolute Hell.” Earlier this week I came home to Brenna’s revolving food bowl being swarmed by minuscule ants, something that has never happened before. Those little pests are hard to get rid of. The big ants can be treated with TERRO, but the little ones are immune for some unapparent reason. Guess who’s not immune to TERRO though? Continue reading

The Pussycat Riot

Sadly, Internet censorship is rife in many countries. Consequently hundreds of millions of people worldwide are denied daily their right to knowledge by governmental controls on sites such as YouTube and Facebook. It is imperative we recognise and challenge the powers that restrict not only the public’s access to the simple joy of funny cat content, but to information as a whole. Continue reading

Zachary’s Heroes

Today’s post is from Diana McLaughlin Forbes, a new friend who is quickly becoming a favorite person in my life. Each day I look forward to her encouraging words posted on her “Fearlessly 40” Facebook page, where she offers free inspiration, motivation, and empowerment to become your BEST self. Recently she requested help with a pay-it-forward project, which will be taking place on March 4th, in memory of her nephew Zachary. Please take a moment to help Diana and her family keep his memory alive. Continue reading