Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck Has Moved

We hope you’ll follow us to our new home at, where we hope to continue the search for creativity while being stalked by a psychotic cat. Continue reading



It’s been an “exciting” week here in The Delawder Matthews House, some of it being “FUN,” and some of it being “Absolute Hell.” Earlier this week I came home to Brenna’s revolving food bowl being swarmed by minuscule ants, something that has never happened before. Those little pests are hard to get rid of. The big ants can be treated with TERRO, but the little ones are immune for some unapparent reason. Guess who’s not immune to TERRO though? Continue reading

Operation Little Bunny Foo Foo Relocation

Thursday evening I noticed Brenna hunched down in front of the kitchen window, staring at something with great interest. When I went over to check it out, I noticed that we had finally caught a little rabbit in the bunny trap that B.O.B. Bob had recently set up. This is just one of the wee creatures that is responsible for eating the blooms off of every flower in my yard. Continue reading

Broken Glass and a Cat – Not the Best Combination

Luckily there are no superstitions attached to breaking glass, because we’ve had a lot of that going on in our house lately. Brenna decided to go on a rampage last night, jumping and running through the house, and clumsily plowed into a glass dome-shaped garden bell, sending it crashing into a thousand little pieces of jagged shards. Not the best ending to B.O.B. Bob’s birthday. Continue reading