B.O.B. Bob’s Bloody Mary

I was bound and determined to use every last bit of tomato juice that I made, and if that meant making a Bloody Mary for B.O.B. Bob, then so be it. The biggest problem I had making it, was that I couldn’t taste it. I absolutely loathe Bloody Marys, and there was no way that I was going to be a taste-tester, so I decided to just wing it. Continue reading


Tomato Juice Spice Cake

I thought I’d round out the workweek with something sweet, especially after boring you with so many tomato juice recipes throughout the week. Speaking of work, is it wrong to take a cake to your place of business with two pieces missing out of it? If it is, then I did a very, very, very bad thing, and I’m proud to admit it. Continue reading

The Thursday Thirteen – August 14, 2014

The wonderful thing about tomato juice is that it can be substituted into any recipe requiring wine, broth, stock, or water. You get the added nutritional value, and often the acid from the tomatoes helps to tenderize the meat in a recipe as well. That’s what you call a bonus. A bottle of tomato juice is also much less expensive that wine, stock, or broth as well, making the perfect substitute for making soups, stews, casseroles, or oven-braised meats. That’s what you call a double bonus. Continue reading

Bloody Mary Rice

I’m not a humongous rice fan, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, but I’m really trying to embrace it. After all, trying new foods or revisiting ones that we think we don’t like sometimes brings a pleasant surprise. I used to detest avocados, and now I can easily sit down and demolish a bowl of guacamole all by little lonesome. Continue reading