The Thursday Thirteen – August 14, 2014

The wonderful thing about tomato juice is that it can be substituted into any recipe requiring wine, broth, stock, or water. You get the added nutritional value, and often the acid from the tomatoes helps to tenderize the meat in a recipe as well. That’s what you call a bonus. A bottle of tomato juice is also much less expensive that wine, stock, or broth as well, making the perfect substitute for making soups, stews, casseroles, or oven-braised meats. That’s what you call a double bonus. Continue reading


Garden Fresh Tomato Juice

Summer is coming to an end. It’s still hot outside, but soon the evenings will begin to cool down, and the mornings will have a pleasant chill. I like summer, but I can’t say that I’m sad to see it go. I’m looking forward to Halloween, which is always fun here at The Delawder Matthews Halloween House, and I’m also looking forward to the tomato crop finally being over. Continue reading

Sweet Pizza Sauce

I am surrounded by so many tomatoes. They are never-ending. Tomatoes, tomatoes, and more tomatoes, and not much else. It hasn’t been a wonderful summer for our garden. We’ve had a few cucumbers and squash, and the carrots are still growing, despite my neglect, but the tomatoes have really been the one vegetable/fruit that have been thriving for us. Continue reading

Whiskey Steak Marinade

Things I’ve Come to Realize About B.O.B. Bob #314: If you are at the market with B.O.B. Bob, and you tell him to go pick out some meat to throw on the grill, he will always return with rib eye. Never mind the fact that you hate rib eye, and that you comprehend that he knows this, yet he always somehow seems to pick rib eye anyway, because he knows you will cave and let him toss it in the buggy every single time. Continue reading