Today’s Sunday Fun Day is going to be a little bit different; for once it’s all about me & my favorite things.  (I bet you’re thinking of Julie Andrew’s on the top of a Technicolor mountain singing this.)  How even more amazing would it be if all of, or at least some of my favorite things could be combined?  Tartan, VW’s, Christmas, & cats together?  Is there room in this world for so much amazingness?  Check out these beauties and tell me what you think!

Christmas VW Wreath

Christmas VW Wreath

Can You Imagine What a Cat Would Look Like in This Tartan?

Kitty Tartan

Wait, I Don’t Even Have to Force You to Use Your Imagination Thanks to United Bamboo!

Tortured Kitty in Tartan

But I Will Ask You to Envision a Cat in Tartan Wearing This Collar!

Volkswagen Beetle Cat Collar

This Wreath Would Look Amazing on My Front Door!

Winter Tartan Wreath

If I Win the Lotto One Day, Perhaps I’ll Buy This Bus for Chris to Repay Him for All of the Times He Came to Rescue Me and My Bug!  (We Can Go “Camping” Together!)

Tartan VW Camper

Every Tartan Kitty Should Have a Pet Pig!

Tartan Kitty with Pig

Pre67 VW – On Ice

1, 2, 3 Tartan Cat Beds

Merry Christmas from Pre67VW

Christmas VW Bug with Gifts

Christmas VW Bug with Gifts

How Amazing Would It Be If Mr. Gray (Brenna’s Beau) Showed Up Wearing This One Day?

Tartan Kitty

Somehow I Forgot to Put This Beetle Christmas Bauble on My List to Santa!

 Beetle Christmas Bauble

Sir William Does Not Look Happy, But I Bet He Can Play a Mean Set of Bagpipes!

Sir William

Can’t You Just Imagine Cookies Made with These Cookie Cutters All Dressed Up in Tartan Patterned Icing?

Bus:Beetle Cookie Cutters

These Could Easily Be the Cards I Send Out Next Year!

VW Beetle Christmas Card

Brenna Could Use a New Tartan Cat Collar, and There Are So Many to Choose From!


%22Rebel Yell%22 Cat Collar


%22Road to the Isles%22 Cat Collar


%22Talk of the Town%22 Cat Collar

This Could Be My New Car!

Tartan New VW Beetle

I’d Much Rather Have This Old School One Though!

Tartans - VW Bug

I Want Everything from This Shop on Etsy!

Glittery Volkswagen Road Trip Clay Cat Folk Art Ornaments

Well, There You Have It…Just a Few of My Favorite Things!

Merry Christmas – VW Style (All It Needs Is a Kitty in the Driver’s Seat Wearing a Kilt!)

Merry Christmas - VW Style

Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck


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