The Most Amazing Early Easter Basket…EVER!!!

Washington Capitals Cooking Basket

Friday night was a big win night for me! B.O.B. Bob gave me a once in a lifetime gift, that I will never forget, and that he won’t ever be able to top. He bid on a basket at the 2014 Caps’ Better Halves Gift Basket Silent Auction, and actually won, although I’m not sure if you can call it winning if you have to shell out a huge amount of cash. Continue reading


Evil Easter Bunny

You run downstairs, almost tripping over your own feet, not to mention the cat, only to find that “The Easter Bunny,” that crazy child-hating evil deranged creature, has played the evilest of all tricks on you. He’s left you a Cadbury Creme Egg. If you’ve been a good child, who happens to be exceptionally lucky, perhaps he’s only left you one. Continue reading